Yield Prophet® is a simplified web interface for the crop production model APSIM. It is a subscription service that is delivered to growers and farm consultants Australia wide. Yield Prophet provides dry land and irrigation grain growers with up-to-the-minute, real-time information about their wheat and barley crops during growth, and the likely impact of management events on crop yield and quality. Its primary output is a forecast of yield probabilities based on the simulation of crop production from presowing until harvest.

Yield Prophet stems from a collaboration between CSIRO’s  FARMSCAPE team and the Birchip Cropping Group (BCG), a non-government, not-for- profit farmer-based research and extension organisation) to implement model-based decision support to Australian farmers. The collaboration started in 2001 when BCG became interested in exploring the use of simulation as a tool to extrapolate the results of their farming systems’ field experiments to real-life farms in a wider range of seasonal conditions and to other locations and soil types. In addition to an interest in the project proposed by BCG, the FARMSCAPE team was keen to explore with BCG ways of delivering the potential benefit of their tools to a larger number of farmers in a commercially sustainable manner. The collaboration started in 2001 with an invitation from BCG to the FARMSCAPE team to simulate their cropping systems’ field experiments and, over several years, evolved into the development of an innovative internet service for monitoring and simulating crop paddocks. The motivation of both groups was to reduce farmer uncertainty about their crop management environment and to enable them to assess the possible effects of alternative management practices. The systems thinking that evolved through our FARMSCAPE experience (Publ. 141 PDF ) provided the theoretical framework for this investigation.

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