A structured account of over 50 years in agricultural systems research–all but 3 in tropical and sub-tropical Australia.

As shown in the figure below, my research career unfolded in time as a series of agricultural systems themes. These can in hindsight be treated as research categories, which, after 1980, were themes of teams which I led.  Publications on which I am an author are listed in reverse chronological order under the “Publications” menu.  “Research Categories” include additional publications by team members.

“A Narrative” describes the history of the changes in research direction that took place over time.

The “eBooks” menu features a grouping of papers that deal with two aspects of decision support—one an analysis of grounds for disappointment in an old paradigm of  ‘models for management’ and a second that reports FARMSCAPE research as a potential new paradigm for decision support .

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Robert McCown

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